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It’s very odd – my editor has a problem with only my manuscripts – I’ve turned off Tracked Changes, and have accepted all the changes into the document and yet they are showing up – both sets – on his computer!  My mss’s are the only one he has this problem with and I have no idea why. Anyway, I’ve changed the docx to a doc and hope that solves the problem.

So, the re-write of Standish has gone off to the editor, we have a shiny new cover and now all we have to do is wait for the edits and release, which should be summer 2013.

I’m also expecting the edits back for “I Knew Him” at any point now, so that will be another excuse not to write anything. But I must. No more procrastination!

Talking of procrastination…

I always used to be a knitter. My mother taught me when I was six and ill in bed and although I’ve never tried anything complicated like cabling or lacework or blah de blah i was always good at really complicated colour patterns, like Aztec designs or Fair Isle and the like. So recently I’ve been buying up wools and needles (because for the life of me can’t find my old workbag anywhere) and have got two projects on the go:

A Tardis Scarf

and a Jayne Cobb hat.

A sort of scarfy/shawly thing

Don’t worry, I won’t be wearing them both in the park at the same time; I’m already the loony with the mad dog who doesn’t actually walk her dog but sits it—how mad would I look with both of those items on?  However I am veering towards the “when I am old I shall wear purple” because well, I’ve always worn purple metaphorically and I don’t see why being old should be an obstacle. I suppose a Jayne hat would have been more sensible in more muted colours than the original but hell, then it wouldn’t be a Jayne hat, would it?

I’m only doing the 3rd one because I ground to a halt with the Tardis as the white wool hasn’t arrived yet and I had a huge batch of purple wool and green wool in 4ply and this scarfy thing said knit two yarns together and the effect is rather interesting.

Anyway – that’s about all the procrastination news.

In other news:

Elin Gregory (whose light is so far under a bushel you have to use a tunnel to see it) has a new book out this week:  A Gay Historical called On a Lee Shore which is a great nautical adventure. I had the privilege of pre-reading the book (I don’t qualify what I do as “editing”) and it’s really really good. An adventure story with gay characters which is what the genre needs imho.  GO BUY IT IT’S GREAT.

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