What an unusual colour for a sky!

BLUE!  Bizarro! Who knew?


one slippered foot=one skippered foot

ganymede handed Zeus a cup=ganymede handed Zeus a cue

he raged against his broken heart=he raced against his broken heart

Dad sweet and jolly yesterday. today we had “GET OUT OF MY HOUSE AND NEVER COME BACK!” because of the tesco shopping (no, i don’t get it either)- Sasha gets so scared, and I hate him for that.

Been over the Standish manuscript one more time and hopefully have spotted any problems so it’s off to the publisher when I can get online at home tonight. Really looking forward to the re-issue of that, and hopefully it will pull it into the eye of people who haven’t read it yet. Specially with that eye-catching new cover.

I’ve emailed Running Press about getting the rights back to Transgressions, as they had promised me an answer by the end of October(!) but of course they had already stopped for their Christmas Break so I won’t hear anything there until the New Year at the earliest.

I’m also going to contact Jean Wossit at “Noble” whatever its called now, because – once again—he said he’d be able to tell me if I could have the rights back to Last Gasp weeks ago and I’ve heard nothing. I was promised that it would be promoted and put onto all sorts of 3rd party sites but seeing as how the royalties were again this time about 50p if that has been done—which I doubt—it’s made no difference to the sales. I seriously think that it would be better if all four authors published their parts separately. I know it would make more money for each of us that way. A four novella book (specially in print which is huge and ugly) puts people off I think and of course you don’t sell four times as much, you only get to share in a fourth of a normal sale. Lesson Learned, I think.

Finished my scarf – it’s not quite as long as I wanted it, but sadly I almost ran out of purple wool so I won’t be able to do a slouch hat that matches (bought the wool as a job lot on ebay with no bands or makers name or colour name so I have no idea what it is other than purple and green 4 play) so the decreasing doesn’t exactly match the increasing but you’d only notice with a tape measure. it’s SO WARM it’s wonderful and wide enough to use as a headscarf and a scarf at the same time. Going to carry on with the Jayne Hat now (which matches nothing I own, but never mind, Big Damn Heroes) and if it’s too big when I’ve done it, I’ll probably unpick it (or tink it, as I’ve heard the knitting world name is for it!) and start again with perhaps 100 stitches rather than 120.

Watched Ripper Street and Moon last night – Ripper Street was… Good Lord what HAS happened to BBC costume drama? It’s like they’ve fallen into the 50 Shades of Grey universe and they’ve got to make it as scandalous as possible or they are terrified that people won’t watch. Surely they could have learned a lesson from Downton Abbey where you can have 85 minutes of NOTHING AT ALL HAPPENING OTHER THAN AT THE END but it’s all so beautifully shot, beautifully locationed, beautifully costumed and beautifully acted no-one actually notices that the script is a pile of poo.

Ripper Street . The trouble is I know I’m going to stick with it for the meantime anyway, because, like millions of others I’m addicted to costume drama and the BBC know this. But … gah! it was almost unwatchable as far as I was concerned. When the characters weren’t mumbling out of the sides of their mouths (Jerome, please enunciate a little better!) they were drowned out by the sound effects or crowd noises and when people did have long speeches, mostly Wossit MacFadyen, what he said was so funny it wasn’t true. They were probably trying to make him unique and give him a unique voice but there was no explanation why he was using language more suited to Garrow’s Law than nearly 100 years later. Or perhaps he was given dialect words like “feared of no one” but when it comes out of the cut-glass accent of Macfadyens voice it doesn’t work. For gods sake GIVE US A REASON why he’s talking like a nitwit! It’s not good enough that “it’s in the past” because no one else was talking like that.

The plot line involved Victorian Snuff Movies. Yes. Really. The trouble with this being—not so much that someone was doing it, because as (I think it was) Bill Bailey said recently in QI – it took about ten minutes from the person who invented photography to work out he could take pictures of naked women, so I’m sure such things existed—but the bad research that in 1889 MacFadyen “detected” that the stills he spotted could possibly some new fangled invention, where the (gasp!) photographs could be shown to move.

REALLY.And when he found the miscreant he bellowed “whatever comes of this, whatever punishments, that device is extraordinary!” er… well, considered that moving pictures had been around for about 30 years prior to 1889 it’s not EXACTLY cutting edge. But perhaps wherever MacFadyen had been in his Georgian Yokel time tunnel he really hadn’t heard of Muybridge and Lumiere. 

The research relating to the tube stations was way off too. But then I’m picky about this stuff.

As for “Moon” – it was an interesting little piece and I can understand why it was critically acclaimed. Good for Zowie Bowie to hide his light under a bushel and bill himself as his changed name of Duncan Jones. I enjoyed it but it also suffered from Mumbling Syndrome (and no, there’s nothing wrong with my ears) and I didn’t quite get how he escaped but it was an interesting concept although a little dull all round and had shades of Bladerunner and 2001 A Space Odyssey all over it.

Talking of Bladerunner, started to watch that after Moon but couldn’t stick it. Listen, Ridley. I GREW UP WITH THE ORIGINAL VERSION. I LOVE THE ORIGINAL VERSION. GIVE IT BACK TO ME. MAKE IT AVAILABLE TO BUY. I want the voiceover. It JUST DOESN’T WORK WITHOUT IT. Without it, it’s just a pretty film with long boring silences.

Drinking myself into the new year so whatever you are doing tonight, be safe and I hope 2013 brings me much of what you want and work for.

Oh – and if you fancy voting for me over at the m/m Goodreads polls as BEST AUTHOR!!!! then please do!


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3 Responses to What an unusual colour for a sky!

  1. BlackTulip says:

    Best wishes for a very happy and creative New Year!

    … well Chere Madame, as a matter of fact I DID vote for you in the category : Favorite All Time M/M Author !!! so your Nominee Badge is available if you want one :)



    I had decided to watch “Ripper Street” but after reading your post I don’t know whether to watch it or not, what shall I do now %) %)

  2. BlackTulip says:

    I should have said that I’m the one who nominated you in the first place and then, of course, I voted for you – sorry it’s late and English not being my language, when I’m tired I’ve some problem to focus correctly – but the result is the same .. haha … I really hope you’ll win *^_^*

    I’ll be happy to buy Standish as an ebook and read it again … did you make lot of changes – this time I’m off to bed <_<

  3. Steve Berman says:

    I should have the interior of STANDISH tomorrow. We have to send it off to CIP at Library of Congress so more libraries will have access to it.

    Sorry to hear about your recent woes.

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