Dad again…

OK – so I had a call  yesterday from the social services who were over at Dad’s nursing home, she’d gone over with 2 doctors to assess dad under the Mental Health Act and they had decided that he needed to be in a mental ward of a hospital while he’s properly assessed – sectioned in other words, poor man. I knew it would come to that, to be honest. I didn’t think the care home would be any good for him, despite all their assurances. So they took him over there last evening, and I rang first thing to see how he was copying.  The nurse I spoke to was a lot less obsequious than the care home managers (I guess it’s because the patient isn’t paying £500 a week) but he was factual and informative – said Dad had had something to eat last night and actually got some sleep after two nights of not sleeping – he was still asleep when I called in fact. The visiting times are not all day, but I’ll pop over for an hour or however long it takes sometime tomorrow – they said to ring in the morning.

It’s terribly sad for him, he’ll know that he has been taken from his home and I don’t know what they’ve told him but I actually feel less upset about it than I did a couple of days ago. I have no idea what the place is like, i suppose i’ll find out tomorrow.

Thanks to each and every one of you that has passed on your good wishes – I haven’t been able to reply to most of them, but I’m sure you’ll forgive me for that.

I feel a tad lost, because I feel I’m in limbo – I feel there’s something I should be doing – my life has pretty much revolved around him for so many years and suddenly I’ve nothing to do. I suppose I’ll have to write! Stress drives that right out of the window, I’m afraid.

As for the Amazon debacle – what a load of wankers. hundreds of my reviews have been deleted – so I’m simply not going to bother in future, only on Speak Its Name and on Goodreads.

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