Dad, Snow, Sasha

Well, I’ve been down to see Dad a couple of times since he went into the Mental Ward and I don’t know if I’m not making matters worse. Probably it’s only bad for me, because I know he doesn’t remember that I’ve been there literally a few seconds after I go, but my visits consist of us sitting in a visiting lounge holding hands and him asking me over and over where he is and what he should do. The first time I went he was very dopey but yesterday he was a lot more alert, although just as confused. When I went to go he started searching for his coat and said “you can drop me off” and then when I said “no, you have to stay here” he started off with the “no, please don’t lock me in a home” as he did when he was first put into the residential home he didn’t stay in. It’s heartbreaking. The nurses – whilst not being at all as reassuring or interested in me as the care home nurses were (after all, they aren’t being paid a fortune, so I can sort of understand that) are professional and on the ball. I waved one down and she came and distracted him while another nurse let me out.

I can’t say I could ever work in that environment as what they seem to spend most of their time doing is chasing the patients around the place!  I couldn’t understand why they didn’t let visitors into the lounge, but now I suppose it’s because it’s a big place with a lot of (possibly) potentially dangerous people around so they can’t really say you are going to be safe unless you are in a one-to-one situation with your relative.  It’s upsetting but I’m grateful—particularly today with the six inches of snow—that he’s in somewhere warm and secure where someone is feeding him, because this is the worst weather we’ve had since he’s been as incapable as he is now and I’d have had to go over every day in the snow.

Anyway, that’s where we are at the moment, he’ll be there for up to 28 days, possibly less and then they’ll place him somewhere else. He’s been playing up at night, they say, saying that all these people have to get out of his house, and although I’m sad to hear he’s that confused, I’m glad they’ve seen that behaviour, becuase I think adult protection is the only route in the future. We’ll have to see.

It’s wonderfully snowy, snowy enough even for this snow-phile. Poor Sasha has only had a short run today, but she did love it and ran around like a loony.  Hence the slightly blurry video.

Hopefully I’ll be back on form soon, I am trying, but all I feel like doing is pulling the covers over my head to be honest!

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