Don’t Know Why I thought it was over…

So Dad isn’t settling, despite all the care home’s reassurances that he’d be settled in nicely after a couple of days. I knew he wouldn’t be. He’s not confused enough to suddenly think it’s his home – so he’s been acting up pretty badly.

They rang me at FOUR O CLOCK – I mean for fuck’s sake – I mean what the hell was I supposed to do that they couldn’t? To tell me that he’d “abused a service user” which is jargon for he’d manhandled another inmate. Luckily I wasn’t awake at 4am or 7am when they rang, and my mobile doesn’t have much signal at home, and was downstairs anyway so I didn’t get the calls and I called them back at 9 to get the details.

Apparently he pulled an old woman out of her bed – saying that if it was HIS house, as everyone had been saying, that he wanted everyone to leave. I can sort of understand his reasoning. But that’s not good behaviour, obviously. So his doctor is going to see him today (like THAT will help…) and they are pushing to get the mental health assessment done as soon as possible. I was told that that would happen YESTERDAY but apparently it didn’t.

I think that, as things are – and I told my doctor this months and months ago – and my mother had also done the same (so it just goes to show how long this has been the case as she died 6 years ago) he’s not able to integrate into a normal retirement home – even sedated, as he is now which has made no difference at all. I think he’s going to end up in a mental home, because I don’t know how else he’s going to be managed.

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