Knitting! End of one project, start of another/Dominion

Had to Frog – (completely dismantle, i.e. rippit, rippit) my Jayne hat, as I finished it and 1. it was HUGE and 2. it was twisted and irredeemably so. So I guess I will have to learn how to use circular needles properly, won’t i? I’m rather the sort of person who will just “open the box and start using” – I never bother to read any kind of instructions. And it gets me into trouble more often than not.

However, I’ve just ordered some wool for a big jacket. Got grey (which is not at all my colour) because basically all the cool colours were sold out or too bloody expensive and if I want to wear my lovely scarf with it, it needs to be neutral, and I wear too much black as it is.

Here’s the jacket: I did buy very cheap wool, so it will only cost me £20 for the whole thing. The wool they suggest was five quid a ball, which would have come out as £105!!! Luxurious but rather defeats the object of “saving me money by making my own clothes.” If I could afford that money, I’d be buying gorgeous things from, yanno, SHOPS.

I had mouth watering moments over some lovely cable cardigans but I am going to have to work up to something like that – I’ve only done simple cables once and that was a long time ago, and am not ready to re-size an existing pattern including cables.

As for my scarf, I really don’t know what I did without it!  Not only can i wear it as a traditional scarf, but also as it’s so wide, as a headscarf/scarf, and the other day on the beach I could not only sit on it, saving me from piles from the freezing concrete sea-wall, but could also put it over my knees!

Anyway, of little interest to most of you, I know, but it’s nice to talk about something more optimistic.

I’ve been reading “Dominion” by CJ Samson and I’ll do a full review when it’s done, but I have to say that these best-selling authors aren’t any better than the rest of us. It’s a good premise (what would have happened if Britain had caved after Dunkirk and Churchill hadn’t been PM) but the pacing is frankly terrible. For some reason, Samson seems to want to tell us the ins and outs of every single character’s background which is achieved by gurt big lumping bits of backstory which KEEP shoe horning into the plot whenever it manages to get going and when the plot really starts to ramp up and get SCARY – he STILL does it by going back and telling us what somebody did earlier in the fucking day. I’m enjoying it, but I feel I’m just putting up with the crappy bits in an effort to find out what happens.

Which is something I do with Dan Brown, and it’s better than that. Not a great deal, to be honest, but a bit.

It also has the (as far as I’m concerned) frankly unforgiveable method of having the character consider his own appearance—whether it’s in a mirror or a shop reflection or whatever. PLEASE, authors. Don’t do this. We don’t really need to know that badly. And it’s easily dealt with via ANOTHER character’s POV. The backstory could have also been dealt with in the plot itself too, for the main part.

Anyway. Onwards and upwards.

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