Plumpy’Nut© Challenge!

I’ve never asked for money or sponsorship on this blog but I’m going to do so today.

On 21st February, I’ll be doing the Plumpy’Nut© Challenge which entails eating nothing but Plumpy’Nut© for one whole day.

This challenge is for everyone, just live off on Plumpy’Nut© for one day! This is the very same food that Merlin provides to take children from the doorstep of starvation to living health lives. Raise just £50 and help to spread the word!


What is Plumpy’Nut©?

It’s an edible peanut paste, packed with calories and vitamins, that is specially formulated to feed starving children. In 2012, Merlin has saved the lives of countless children using nutty pastes just like this.

What’s the Challenge?

Plumpy’Nut© is the last resort for many children in east Africa. Some are so badly malnourished their lives are so much in danger, it can take up to eight weeks to stabilise them.

I’m hoping to raise approximately fifty quid – that’s not much is it? But it will make a difference. Fifty pounds is all that’s needed to take a starving child from malnourished to healthy, so please consider giving what you can.  Here’s my fundraising page. At no point does the money pass through my hands, so you know that it’s all going to charity and not into my pocket!!

On the day I’ll be tweeting about the experience and boring you all rigid!  I hope the threat of that spurs you into taking part too.

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