for those keeping score

I haven’t fallen off the wagon – but I came close!  I had a “couple” of drinks on Friday night and then was hit by something on saturday that I haven’t experienced since my youf – the munchies like you wouldn’t BE-LEEVE. real carbohydrate – omg i must eat them or DIEE…. munchies. I managed to get through them by making a massive bowl of pasta and putting in light soft cheese – not terribly slimming but it could have been a lot lot worse considering i had to drive past a McDonald’s.

So no major mishap and I’m still keeping on. It’s great to say “Day SIX” instead of not having started at all.

I FEEL better. More alert, more … well-being, if you get me. Even if it’s still an effort to get around. I will NOT go immobile. I will NOT.

Went to see Dad on saturday, but frankly I am beginning to wonder why – what the point is. It doesn’t make me feel any better and while it might make him happy for a minute or two, he generally gets argumentative after about ten minutes and the very moment he’s out of my eyesight for one second, he’s forgotten I ever came down. I’m still waiting to hear about his assessment and where they are going to put him next.

Finished Sasha’s jacket, but I’m not happy with it, it’s too large around the waist even though i made it a lot smaller than the pattern said but it will do for cold mornings in the car, and the forecast says we are going to get more arctic weather this week. I didn’t do cuffs around the leg holes because I think that would be too restrictive but it’s not bad. I don’t think i’d try this pattern again, but perhaps look for one for a dog with her measurements. Her trouble is she’s an extra large around the chest (takes after her mother! Open-mouthed smile) but with a tiny waist (not so much… )


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  1. Love the jacket! She looks fetching. And so sorry to hear that you’re coping with a parent’s Alzheimer’s.
    I come over here to get depressed by looking at the reviews, so it was nice to hit upon your blog and learn a bit more about you and your life challenges.

  2. Phil says:

    You had the muchies for Carbs because your body wanted to make up for the sugar of the drinks. Alcohol is pure sugar, your body doesn’t have to digest it. That’s why when you drink and eat a meal, all the food goes to fat for storage. The sugar in the drinks must be used by the body first. Once it burns that off then it can use what the food contained. Until it can use it, the food is stored as fat.

    If the body had a dose of sugar it wasn’t use to and then the level suddenly dropped, yes, you wanted carbs badly. It is sugar. It just takes longer to break down as long as they aren’t simple carbs like candy or another drink.

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