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Keepy Uppy

Day 3! Yesterday there was: bacon & egg hash with tea/half cup yoghurt with brazils and blueberries nibbles during the day, cucumber, celery, brazils, cherry tomatoes inside of a pork pie (had to take a punt on this – know … Continue reading

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well, it’s a start

I am not as big as I was yesterday. It may be minuscule, but it’s true! Yesterday: several cups of tea (didn’t drink enough fluid, i know that..) punnet blueberries half a trout  – panfried, how wonderful, haven’t had fried … Continue reading

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After months of Not Starting The Healthy Eating, I’ve been reading a lot (since a segment on BBC The Food Programme) about sugar being the cause of ills and cutting carbs and therefore sugars as being the best way to … Continue reading

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ok–here’s the update

sorry sorry – I’ve been missing and there’s no real good reason for it. Basically the short story is that Dad went into mental assessment, and was found not to need full time mental care but did need to go … Continue reading

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