Keepy Uppy

Day 3!

Yesterday there was:

bacon & egg hash with tea/half cup yoghurt with brazils and blueberries

nibbles during the day, cucumber, celery, brazils, cherry tomatoes

inside of a pork pie (had to take a punt on this – know it’s high fat but wasn’t sure what the filling was mixed with) picked off ALL the pastry and gave it to Sasha…Spo

Dinner, roast chicken with skin, raw veggies broccoli and cauliflower.

Not enough fat, I realise that  – will cook in butter from now, rather than Olive Oil, that should help, and I have some soured cream which I can do something with eggs and cheese today I’m sure. (oh the days when I could pour butter and sour cream over a big baked spud) Someone needs to genetically engineer a 15 glycaemic potato. they’d make a FORTUNE.

But all in all its pretty enjoyable. I’m not hungry (although that’s not unusual, I’m rarely hungry and don’t EAT because I’m hungry but I am appreciating food a little more, and I’m having breakfast which is a change – before it was often 4pm before I ate anything leaving me strung out.

This morning I made a bacon and egg hash again (fatty bacon misshapes from tesco, none of your lean rubbish ) with fried vegetables mixed in. Cup of tea, couple of Brazils. the Brazils have so much crunch I think they fool my brain into thinking “toast”.

Lunch will be pan fried trout (half of one) in butter with loads of veggies, some yoghurt and blueberries.

I’ve made a big bottle of water, flavoured with lemon juice with a couple of hermesetas dissolved in, it’s really nice!

Had a headache yesterday, and a small one today – looked it up, probably salt reduction (other option was caffeine but I’m having the same amount of tea as before) so am adding a little more salt to food than I normally would, and a touch in the water too.

THANK YOU ALL for your suggestions, links and tips. It’s so great to know that you are interested and behind me on this. Here’s hoping the fog will lift and I’ll be wanting to write soon.

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