After months of Not Starting The Healthy Eating, I’ve been reading a lot (since a segment on BBC The Food Programme) about sugar being the cause of ills and cutting carbs and therefore sugars as being the best way to lose weight.

So…I’m going to give a low carb/sugar eating regime a try and have consequently bought this week’s shopping in light of that.

What is very hard for me to grasp is to lose hold of all the “rules” I’ve been taught and thought were sacrosanct, such as consuming fat isn’t bad and changing to full fat milk/yogs and the like – things like cheeseburgers are OK (as long as not processed) as long as there’s no bun. It’s a complete change in my mindset and will probably take a lot more research and absorbing.

Cold drinks are going to be a bit of an issue because I do like cold drinks and probably drink too much squash (although it is sugar free) and sugar free fizzy drinks. But they are stuffed with carbs, apparently – who knew? – and are a no-no now. I looked at a bottled of flavoured water – Volvic lemon – and was rather shocked at the amount of carbohydrate and sugar in it – 15 percent of a RDA in each 100ml. I mean, wow. So, as I drank the entire litre in one car ride, I drank 150 % of my RDA with just that bottle of what I THOUGHT was just water.

Tea and milk are OK, so I’ll fall back on the old cuppa – and perhaps, if it gets hot, think about making jugs of iced lemon tea. I got addicted to lemon tea when I did my world trip, but it never tasted the same back here, but I can experiment and get that refreshment back.

So, wish me luck. I MUST do this now, as I’m really finding walking about difficult. Swollen legs painful knees and more. If I can shed a couple of stone quite quickly (here’s hoping) it will help my mobility which will help with the activity. I’ve put on even more weight since dad was hospitalised, because I haven’t been moving about during the day like I used to be – and not eating as healthily while I was there – much easier to buy a pizza than to cook meat and two veg for one.

I know that a few of you have given this a go, so any advice, sites, recipes, tips you can give me would be so completely appreciated you can’t imagine. I have been obsessing already about the lack of pasta, and have found some suritaki noodles which are made from some magical plant roots and are carb/sugar free which sounds fabulous. I won’t care if they taste like nothing because hell – I CAN HAVE CHEESE! Open-mouthed smile

I’m trusting my addictive nature that if I research the hell out of this, rather than sticking my head in the sand like I normally do, I can be as obsessive about this as I have with other hobbies.

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  1. Hey Erastes good luck. You can do it. The carbohydrates in water is shocking. I’m trying to watch my Cholesterol and am appallled at it turning up in the most unexpected things!
    We haven’t eaten a bun with burgers in years as the Mr is Gluten sensitive. Lie kyou I couldn’t give up cheese without a fight. Good thing too as I don’t drink milk.

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