well, it’s a start

I am not as big as I was yesterday. It may be minuscule, but it’s true!


several cups of tea (didn’t drink enough fluid, i know that..)

punnet blueberries

half a trout  – panfried, how wonderful, haven’t had fried anything for so long

lots of raw broccoli and cauli dipped in salsa (which I shouldn’t have bought, i should have made)

half a raw carrot

handful of Brazils.

not a great deal, but then i don’t move around much. calorie wise it’s not enough, I know, but I can’t count calories AND do carbs. in fact, if you go on what atkins starts you at (20mg) I had too many carbs, as the blueberries seem to be stuffed with them, so I don’t know why they are recommended, but ho hum – some of this stuff is a real mystery.

Today: Just had a pan of egg and bacon hash. – wonderful to have fried food and not care about it. I mean wow!  I’ll have the remaining trout and some veggies for lunch and probably a yogurt and brazil bowl of stuff in the evening. it’s the boredom munchies that also get to me, and i can’t eat a ton of fruit, so it will have to be more raw veggies until i can do some research into other stuff. I want to buy some flat mushrooms as the idea of cheese filled mushrooms is making my mouth water.

i’m feeling confident about this – i have found a low carb bread recipe made from nut flour, but the ingredients may be hard to track down around here!  I’ll see how desperate i get for bread before I go that way, anyway – if i need to change my habits, just going back to bread and butter isn’t going to do it.

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