day 21–3 weeks!

still no idea of how to weigh myself (although I could kick myself, I should have asked to get weighed at the other surgery I went to yesterday) but I did take some measurements three days ago, neck, knee, wrist, etc – couldn’t do waist or hips or bust as the measure isnt big enough.

BUT – all the measurements have gone down!  Of course, me being me, I immediately doubted the measurements and thought “oh, well i couldn’t have measured them accurately the first time” but all FIVE indicators are showing half an inch reduction, and I couldn’t have been inaccurate for all of them. I wish now that I’d measured myself 3 weeks ago. ho hum.

anyway! yay!

yesterday was particularly unhealthy, but very low carb, hash breakfast as usual –7 carbs, lump of cheese packet of pork scratchings for lunch – 4 carbs, ditto for dinner with a couple of strawberries – 8 carbs.

My mate Henri sent me a huge packet of pork scratchings which is just wonderful. they aren’t the Mr Porky ones either, but a more local product.  Zero carb treat!

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