fud and stuff , day 27

I’d like to extrapolate how much I’ve actually lost. another pound gone in two days – so now I know I’ve lost 8 pounds in five days.

I think, then that I can confidently say that in the 3 weeks before I was able to weigh myself I probably lost at LEAST another 8 pounds, so I’ll stick with that. It might be an under-estimation, but th1ere’s no way of really knowing. But I’m happy with that progress! It’s quite possible I could have lost 34 pounds in total, but as I don’t know—I’ll stick with 16.

terrible dream last night, I dreamt I bought a Mars Bar, two packets of Doritos and a fat coke. Now this is a combination I would never ever ever buy – not just now but even in my worst bingeing period. I like Doritos but not mad on Mars Bars (although I’d eat them if you put one in front of me) and as for full fat coke – no thank you. Don’t like the taste of it.  If I had to buy a cola, it would be Pepsi, full fat or otherwise. I only drink coke zero (with vodka) because I haven’t found a carb free Pepsi for sale round here yet. So it was an odd dream, don’t know if it was my body saying PLEASE BUY ME SUGAR AND CORN or perhaps even the Coke Conspiracy INVADING MY DREAMS!  *GUFFAW*

Finding the taste of food to be enjoyable in the first time for years. for lunch I had whole rainbow trout and boiled broccoli and it was delicious, really tasting simple food is amazing and it’s surprising how you forget how nice just one or two foods can be, in this world of processed goop.

Was watching the Apprentice last night-so glad the eyebrows from hell have gone-and they invented a ready meal and one of the testers said: “I wouldn’t buy this for my kids because it doesn’t come across as being a healthy option.”


I’m not going to celebrate at a month, because this is for life, I’m not treating anything like reward or punishment.

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