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“don’t weigh yourself every day” is a very good mantra. But it’s funny what depression does to you(that’s a bit of an oxymoron or whatever the term is) – I doubt everything. Not just the normal “did i turn the gas off” but as I mentioned the other day I doubt that the measurements I took were accurate and I didn’t believe the scales either. (Not thinking there were overestimating my weight, I just found it coincidental that the scale went up to xxx stone and 8 pounds and I weighed in at xxx stone and six pounds, just two pounds under the max. Hmm, I said. Don’t believe you.

So i weighed myself this morning just to confirm this—and guess what?


so I’m choosing NOT to doubt this information—particularly as I’d read so many stories of “on low carb the weight melted off” and an Ozzie guy who is doing a blog about his weight loss is weighing himself daily and is generally losing a pound a day. Four pounds is fabulous but I know it’s because I’m as heavy as I am, it won’t last and I’ll be happy with one or two pounds a week when it slows down.

I’m definitely not going to weigh myself again for at least 3 or 4 days. don’t think I’ll last a whole week. Will let you know.

what I found VERY amusing was the scale instructions (they are glass! I was terrified to get on them) which say “don’t put anything on the surface of the scales.” I mean wtf?

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