shopping. ARGH!

There are times when I hate England, and shopping is one of those times.

I hate shopping at the best of times, always have. Being dragged around the shops with mother on a Saturday morning was like torture. I didn’t want new clothes and I certainly didn’t want a nice frock or a new coat – no matter how “that little girl over there would love it”.

I like to know what I want in advance, get out, get in the shop, buy it, get out. That’s it. Window shopping? WHY? Online shopping has been like a new world for me, the wonder of NEVER HAVING TO GO SHOPPING AT ALL is simply gorgeous. And this morning doesn’t make me think any differently.

Shop 1. “Martham Market” it was called. Big sign outside boasting fresh mushrooms and eggs. I never saw any evidence of those, and I went in expecting it to be a nice local shop crossed with a local farm shop only to find a very very tired old corner shop with one fridge of milk and cheese full of crappy stuff, shelves of odd things like colouring books, one harry potter book, and boxes of zips…. Bought some cheese and ran away.

Shop 2. The Co-op Pharmacy. Wanted: constipation cure, fibre supplement, pottasium supplement.

1. Picked up Senekot.

2. Assistant had to call pharmacist regarding potassium and he treated me like a criminal. WHY did I need it? WHY wasn’t the doctor prescribing it? No, he didn’t have any, and I’d have to get it from the doctor after blood tests.


3. Fibre. No, nothing like that I’m afraid – perhaps you’d have more luck at Holland and Barrett?

REALLY?  I should have gone online to h&b where I could have got the lot without hassle. or being treated like a weirdo. Or having to wait TEN FUCKING MINUTES while you tried to get your till to work.

Shop 3.

a farm shop advertising potatoes, beets, eggs. I nipped out and picked up eggs (far too bloody expensive, aren’t they supposed to be cheaper than Tesco?) two bundles of rather sad wilted rhubarb. asked the man if he had beet greens (he had a ton of beets).

He said – and I can hardly believe this (as he had a customer there with MONEY in her hand)-“I might do, later. If people want the beets without the greens, I’ll cut them off.”


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