woo hoo! day 26

I couldn’t resist today—specially with the shiny shiny scales—and weighed myself. It was daft to think so, but I’d still been doubting the efficacy of the eating plan. We are all so brain washed into thinking “hey, stop stuffing bacon into the skin of that chicken, in fact take the skin OFF the chicken because no one can eat fat like this and lose weight!” Even up to today I believed-REALLY believed this. I was sticking to the plan while still disbeliving that it works, and I can’t tell you how great it is to be proved wrong and all the (considerable) research (you know me and loving research) I’ve done on Low Carb eating was actually telling it like it is.

It shows just how dark a place my brain had got to where I had not only doubted the measurements I took recently but also these Weight Watchers scales that had told me a couple of days ago that I’d lost four pounds.

This is making a short story very long, but I expected nothing, therefore, when I stepped on the scales. In fact I really really thought that the weights it had shown before were simply nonsense, because I considered that I must be over the maximum weight and it was therefore pumping out gobbledegook. However it’s been my own brain that was pumping out gobbledegook and I think that seeing that I’ve lost THREE POUNDS in two days, (7 pounds since 22nd) has finally convinced me that I’m not imagining it, there IS hope and I CAN do this.

I didn’t/don’t think that my weight has led directly to my depression. I’ve been overweight before, and fat->obsese->morbidly obese in stages for 13 years so I’m not saying it’s the only cause. But I do think that losing the weight will help to lift the depression.

Every single thing else that’s wrong with me (and it’s quite a list) is due to one simple thing. Me putting too much of the wrong thing into my gob. It seems utterly suicidal to me that someone would allow themself to get into this position (after all, I’m very much at risk of keeling over at any time) JUST BECAUSE I eat too much. So I’m more than sure that with each pound that comes off, things will improve a little tiny bit each day.

after all—as my great Ancestor said often:-

“Every day in every way, I’m getting better and better.” – Frank Spencer


Breakfast: hash as normal. Lunch: trout and a small rump steak. Dinner grill steaks and wilted greens, greek yoghurt and berries, quarter cucumber for a snack – 30 carbs in total

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2 Responses to woo hoo! day 26

  1. Lita Kaufman says:

    I have been following your progress for the last month with avid enthusiam. Like you, I have been morbidly obese for many years and always overweight since early adulthood. At the start of the year, I was hospitalized for an extremely serious skin infection exacerbated by uncontrolled T2 diabetes, which necessitated a huge change in my lifestyle.

    As a result of dropping almost all carbs (I still have some fruit and a few crackers on occasion as a snack), I’ve lost nearly 50 pounds since I was released from the hospital in mid-January.

    Honestly, it’s amazing how easy I’ve found it. Yeah – I miss Chinese food and chocolate, but when the alteratives are things like DYING…I find I’m more than willing to forego those dubious pleasures.

    And what’s even better? Shopping for clothes after dropping six pants sizes!

  2. Erastes says:

    sorry been so long to reply, my email wasn’t being sent to my gmail box so didn’t know these comments were here.

    ~Good for you! do you have somewhere I can follow you and cheer?

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