Worst. day.

thing that have cocked up today

1. Cant find my glasses. ANYWHERE. i always put them by the bed but not there, and not anywhere else.  I’m sure they’ll turn up, but trouble is, WITHOUT glasses, it’s hard to just look generally.

2. two calls from hospital to tell me dad’s had a fall “he needs someone looking after him 24/7 but we don’t have the staff….”

3. can’t go to hospital because of 1.

4. Optician can’t see me till monday. Will have to drive there, squinting and hope I don’t get pulled over. Unlikely they can do the glasses on the day so could be “a couple of days” could be “a week” – great! whoever said “should have gone to specsavers” should be SHOT.

5. keep losing other stuff because of 1.

6. Have chest infection

7. got my first ever speeding ticket through the post. I know. I know. But I am the proverbial slug, maximum of 50 or 60 depending on the road but this time i was going 35 in a 30 zone and I saw the police van too late. I hope that everyone who was behind me going the same speed got a ticket too.  Never had one before, my licence is SPOILED.

apart from that, everything’s fucking great. How’s you?

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