day 54 and back on track!

Three pounds lost this week which is very pleasing. I’d been dreading the weigh-in (and had no problem leaving it a week between weighs) because I’ve been a month going up and down and staying the same. caused mainly by too big portions and pork rinds as I said before. I’ve been 2 weeks without the pork rinds/scratchings now and the weight loss has started again.

In fact I sort of cheated with the weigh because I took the first reading as 2 pounds lost, and was pleased then realised I meant to weigh myself several times and take the average – so I hopped on again to find it registered only ONE pound. Well I wasn’t having that! so I moved the scale, got on again and found I’d lost 3 pounds. Heh heh.

I’ll probably pay for that next week, but I really needed that boost after a month of OMG is this really going to work? whilst stuffing butter into my mouth at every available opportunity. Now I’m xxx stone five pounds, and so the next goal is to get below the next stone mark. It’s still a very very daunting total but the thing is, I think, is to NOT to think of the entire mountain to climb, just think of the next mile marker and work towards that.

Yesterday: Bacon & eggs, several cups of tea, cucumber for lunch (just on the go, as I took sasha out) dinner: pork chops, broccoli, Greek yogurt with blueberries.  total 22 carbs.

LOVING the eating plan and as long as I can have MEAT I don’t miss pasta and potatoes one little bit.

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3 Responses to day 54 and back on track!

  1. B. says:

    What diet are you following exactly? Where did you get your eating plan?

  2. Erastes says:

    sorry to be so long in replying – it’s a basic low carb diet – not Atkins EXACTLY because I’m not interested in protein bars and shakes etc but keeping it real food. Keeping my carbs under 30grams (nearer to 20 which is Atkins Induction level) and making sure I have a mix of greens, dairy and protein and not worrying about the fats.

    I started here: then watched the Lustig video about sugar and took it from there!

  3. B. says:

    Thanks, that’s really interesting! I also need to shed a few stones, and low-calories diets don’t help. I also can’t do much sport, so that caught my eye. Thanks again!

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