ok–scales are RUBBISH

Although, reading through the comments of just about every scale on amazon, as many people say “great” as say “rubbish.”

I’d been hit with a major downer as the scales had me putting ON a pound each day for the last couple of days, despite me doing nothing different. and then his morning I was told I’d put on THREE pounds and I nearly cried. so then I got on them again. and I’d dropped from that weight to four pounds less. then i got on them again and another two pounds showing lost.

Sheesh. The ONE thing that a dieter needs is a reliable weighing system, even if that scale only shows a pound lost a week – one that fluctuates SIX POUNDS AT A TIME as these Weight Watchers scales did this morning are playing fast and loose with someone’s emotions and perhaps people could do something serious to themselves in despair. Not me, but it hit me very bad with this depression.

so basically I have no idea what I weigh. Obviously I’m taking the lowest reading I got this morning which means a pound lost since the weekend, but how do i know how accurate it is and how much it will go up next time i step on them. Going to Boots is pretty much impossible, as it’s buried deep in the Great Yarmouth mall – ten miles away with paid parking, so I’ll just have to cross my bloody fingers. great isn’t it?

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  1. Elin Gregory says:

    Oh scales :( I bought some new ones. My daughter, a curvy size 12, weighs in at 13 stone and the cat weighs 40lbs. I vary between off the scale and eight and a half stone depending on how I throw my weight. Complete waste of money and yes, potentially a HUGE source of worry. Luckily we all, apart from the cat, agree they are just crap scales.

  2. I’ve been keeping up with your new health regime. How are you doing? You seem to be doing so great with the new diet. I just got back on the Atkins diet myself at the beginning of the week. It’s the only diet I seem to be able to stick to where I actually lose weight. I did it a couple of years ago before moving back to the states and lost a good deal of weight. It’s tough though, the no carbs, not to mention coming up with new meal ideas. Though I have found some nice recipe sites. Anyway, I’m cheering you on! Hugs!

  3. Erastes says:

    sorry i didn’t reply earlier! It’s going ok I’ve had a static week, which I think was caused by constant munching of pork scratchings. My mate sent me two huge bags of them and instead of using them as a treat I’ve been eating about four bags a day… However, 2 pounds lost today so although I’m heavier than I thought I was last week, this is a place I can work from. I’ve always been a carnivore, and have never really cooked proper meals and more likely to open a tin of corned beef and eat that rather bother with meat and two veg so this isn’t too hard at all. Thank you!

  4. Erastes says:

    sorry been so long to reply! forty pound cat!!! LOL!

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