still rocking on with the low carb

so just because I’m not posting every day, doesn’t mean I’m not sticking to it, because I really am! Open-mouthed smile 

went to the doctors the other day to renew my sick certificate signing me off the dole and told him I’d lost 20 pounds on Low carb and surprisingly he was enthusiastic about the eating plan and obviously had done a lot of reading about it—knowing the basics and the reason why the weight came off.  He gave me some prescription pills for the depression but I have to say I haven’t actually taken any of them yet.

One reason is because I am nervous of taking pills anyway and the other reason is that I think I’m feeling better, although I don’t know if it will last – and if I take the pills and continue to feel better I won’t know if it’s just me getting over it, or whether it’s the pills. I don’t want a crutch, you see. I know, I ‘am making excuses but I can’t imagine that the pills will encourage me to start writing again – and that’s what I REALLY REALLY need more than anything.

Found a veg box company at last here in deepest Norfolk and the quality is very high – yesterday I got some more strawberries, some gooseberries and some raspberries, celery, spinach and radishes. One of the tweeters on the #lowcarb feed mentioned roasting them in olive oil or butter and they transform from bitter hot horribleness to yummyness so I’m going to give that a go tonight with my belly pork slices. I can’t tell you how much I love belly pork slices – and how much I love eating them with no guilt.

Going to try and get over to see Dad tomorrow, they need some petty cash for him anyway (despite the place costing £2 grand a month, he still has to pay for papers, shampoo and the like and any trips out…) and it will show my face. I know it sounds awful but as I’ve said before, he doesn’t register me being there – doesn’t get any pleasure from it (any more than he would do a nurse sitting holding his hand) although I’m pretty sure he still knows it’s me – and I always come away feeling dreadful for having broken him in the first place.

No other news, to be honest  hope you are all as well as well can be!

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