I have discovered that hats are easy – after my disaster with the Jayne hat and a rather wibbly wobbly T.A.R.D.I.S hat – I’ve done the Fair Isle one I posted the other day and knitted in just two days – this one, a  lovely Space Invaders Beanie! What’s even better is that apart from the chart on this one, I didn’t follow a pattern but just cast on 99 stitches and then did decreases at the top! I’m hooked and will be knitting hats full stop until winter – and if we have a winter like the last two, I’ll need them. Oh! and I also did a few Sweetheart Mock Cable ones—one for me and two for two friends. I think I’ll probably do a few Space Invader ones too and post to the undeserving! whether they like it or not. Open-mouthed smile

I don’t think Sasha was too impressed.


More hat pics under the cut.



sweethat hat 1 white

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