Low Carb Progress

another 3 pounds lost this week which sort of surprised me, but didn’t, at the same time.

By that I mean I FELT better, I am walking (a bit) better and it’s not so difficult getting up and down and bending down and picking stuff up, that kind of thing, easier to turn over in bed) BUT I knew I had gone a bit mad last weekend—had several bottles of wine and had in consequence eaten a lot the next day (although still keeping it low carb it was pretty high calorie as I mopped up the alcohol with whatever came to hand) so I assumed I’d be stationary as per weight lost. So was thrilled to find I was xxx stone 1 pound.

Only two more pounds and I can start thinking that I’m another stone lighter, always a good morale boost. I’m still not comfortable sharing that xxx number, because I’m probably the fattest person in Norfolk, or at least the one walking about – and that includes all the tourists!

So, yeah – I’ve eaten a lot this week, eaten belly pork slices two or three times a week so it really does go to show that calories have NOTHING to do with weight loss, as I’m way over what I “should” be eating in a “normal” diet, where they say I should be eating 1000 to 1500 calories a day, I usually hit that figure by lunchtime.

Total so far then 27 pounds – one more pound and that’s two stone in just over 2 months. My trousers are getting loose too, I’ve had to take the waistband in a bit—I shall keep the trousers though, so I can do the cliched “this is how big I used to be” when I apply for Slimmer of the Century. *snort*

I suppose if a slimmer person was doing this, they might not have such a speedy loss, although I’d read blogs which say they have – I’m happy with one or two pounds a week but three a week is bunce.

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