sunny saturday

am trying to read and am not doing terribly well. Not really enjoying Testament of Youth although enjoy isn’t probably what it’s supposed to achieve anyway – and I started an M/M which I thought was historical and is turning out to be fantasy or AU. There’s too much sex in it for me, predictable pointless sex no cliche missed out, but the amusing thing is that the characters have quite a lot of loud masturbatory sex in a hansom cab.



Knitting: I’m doing a fair isle hat and it’s going pretty well:


as for Dad I’m happier than I’ve been for a while (the pills are working too, btw, more on that in another post) I went to see him on wednesday and he was… content. He still knws me and is happy to see me, and because he’s either changed his meds or he’s off his meds he’s a LOT more alert. He’s aware when a nurse is making tea for someone else and he calls out – “Yes please!”

I am a little concerned that because everyone else is completely ga-ga he can’t really talk to anyone, but then he doesn’t show any interest in chatting – although he can talk and responds when you talk to him which is better than he’s been for ages because of the drugs. He didn’t get at all upset when I left, and seems quite happy so I’m more relieved than I can express. Hopefully that will wash through to my subconcious and I can stop feeling so ghastly.  He’s lost so much weight though, because he simply won’t eat – his attention span isn’t up to it – but he’s content and that’s all I can ask.

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