Hi, hope you are all well!

Good news from me for a change – I’ve lost a further 3 pounds this week (even with a drinkie night last Friday) which has really perked me up. this means that I’m finally on the stone below which is always a good boost – and that in total in 2 months, I’ve lost THIRTY ONE pounds. Of course I have still about 200 pounds to LOSE (yes, you read that right) but I’m happy now that I CAN do it and the lowcarb seems to really suiting me.

Imagine carrying a 15 stone man with you, all day. I must have been mad to let myself get this bad. Anyway! good news.

Dad is a lot better and is eating which is great. He got so thin I was so worried – plus being so thin affected his immune system and his skin which is covered in sores, but now he’s eating seconds and thirds and they are indulging him in whatever he wants which is such a relief.

Pills have definitely helped me with the depression, but now I feel NOTHING which is worrying. I can’t feel happy or sad. I’ll stick with it a while longer and see if anything changes.

So, other than the not-writing, I’m definitely in a better place. How you lot?

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