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Feeling itchy for writing and blogging; it’s still a chore  – and I’m having to force myself to do it, but there’s a deep down itch there which is pushing me online – and not just for Dragon Cave and Molehill. Castleville isn’t working for me, so I find myself at a loose end!

There was an interesting review of “I Knew Him” on Goodreads today. The reader was praiseful of the book (thank you kindly) but said some interesting things. 
https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/22896044-i-knew-him?from_search=true (having to put the link in full as stupid wordpress won’t open the link dialogue.)

“Did I enjoy it? Yes, definitely. It is cleverly done, it is definitely well written and at times funny. It is also kind of… shocking.

Did I like it? I’m not sure…..

…..the reason I don’t really like that book (I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to, btw) because I don’t want to be in that head-space.”

I think that’s one of the nicest things anyone’s ever said about my books and as an author it makes me feel so proud that I can make someone feel like that. Harry is probably the most charming protagonist I’ve written, but his head is not at all right. The reviewer makes some very valid points about eggs and omelettes.

Writing a sociopath can be enormous fun – I remember having a good deal of fun writing Harry, but I also found it draining. I don’t know if other authors get so involved in their characters but I do–and especially writing in the first person I have to–for all intents and purposes–almost become that person which probably isn’t very good for the brain!

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