Short Stories

The Blue Train published in the “Riding the Rails” anthology by Bold Strokes books
Right Hand Man – published in Unmasked II,  more erotic tales of gay superheroes by STARbooks.

Whatever the Risk – published in the Queer Dimensions anthology by Queered Fiction
The Snow Queen – published in the I DO! anthology by MLR Press

Drug Colours – published in Best Gay Stories 2008 by Lethe Press
Show Don’t Tell – published in MEN Magazine March 2008 


Fire & Ice – published by Cleis Press in their Erotic Alphabet series “J is for Jealousy” 


Lifeline - published in Alyson Book’s “Cruise Lines” anthology 


Drug Colours – published in Cleis Press’s “Where the Boys are: Urban Gay Migrations” Anthology 


Ribinks - published by The Drabbler
The Bird – published in Alyson’s “Fast Balls” Baseball Anthology
Matelotage - published in Alyson’s “Treasure Trails” Pirate Anthology 


Lucky - published in “Love in a Lock up” by Starbooks 


In the Dark – published in “Ultimate Gay Erotica 2007” by Alyson Books 


Ten Kisses – published in “Connections” by Iris Print
My Best Customer – published in “Travelrotica” by Alyson Books
Petard - published by Clean Sheets
Bright Souls - published by Alyson Books in “Ultimate Gay Erotica 2005” 


Sin of the Tongue – published by Torquere Press
Lifeline – published by Torquere Press
Bright Souls published by Torquere Press